Webinar Registration – Making Changes for Happier Teams and Clients: A Veterinary Team’s Experience

Are you and your team stressed and overworked, and too busy to consider changes that may lighten the load? Are you worried that the short-term pain of automating workflows and managing change won’t be worth it in the end? You’re not alone.

Watch this panel webinar to hear how the entire veterinary team at Holly Springs Veterinary Hospital in Holly Springs, North Carolina invested their time into workflow automation, and how this effort positively impacted staff and client satisfaction. Hear from Dr. Hans Bernhard, practice manager Sandi Foley, veterinary assistant Lexi O’Donnell, and customer service lead John Eaves. During the webinar they share stories of change management the way only a whole team can.

Key Talking Points

  • When it’s time to take the “change leap”
  • KPIs to use to evaluate the success of change
  • Tips for getting the entire team on board during dynamic times
  • Top workflow changes that one clinic made to improve efficiency
  • How recent changes have improved team culture for the entire veterinary team
  • How do you get started if your practice isn’t used to change
  • The impact of workflow improvement on internal communications and client satisfaction
  • How to get comfortable with the risks that come from change

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