Pet Parent Health Service Reminders

Boost pet health and clinic revenue with easy appointment reminders

Automated reminders are essential to any successful veterinary clinic. Our platform helps your team easily setup and manage custom reminders to ensure your patients and clinic stay healthy year-round.

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Ensure continuous care for your patients

Client engagement and compliance is crucial to providing quality care. Our platform allows you to create, automate and manage service reminders to encourage regular visits to your clinic.

Grow clinic revenue through actionable reminders

A large portion of clinic revenue comes from appointments that were scheduled through client service reminders. Take your reminders a step further by allowing clients to instantly request an appointment from their devices, without downloading any apps.

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Track reminders, PIMS data and communications all in one place

Say goodbye to using multiple platforms to get pets into, through, and out of your clinic. Our easy-to-use platform helps you efficiently deliver care and keeps your clients happy and their pets healthy.

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Thousands of veterinarians are choosing to simplify their veterinary appointment reminder software. See how we’re leading the way in veterinary client communication.

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Heather Brookshire, DVMPractice Owner / Animal Vision Center of Virginia

“TeleVet has been an exceptionally useful platform that allows me to have a quick consultation with both my current clients and local and regional general veterinary practitioners.”

VCPR compliance for every state

Our committment

We work in partnership with veterinarians, practice managers, and medical directors as your clinic’s telemedicine solution. TeleVet is VCPR compliant and current with the latest regulations for all 50 states, providing both you and your clients safety and peace of mind.

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