Efficient Curbside Appointments

Curb the Chaos with TeleVet Flow

✓ Complete end-to-end curbside workflow management

✓ Eliminate phone calls for check-ins and updates

✓ Send and receive forms & payments with 1-click

✓ Enhance experience and provide exam room transparency

TeleVet Flow™ makes curbside appointments a breeze!

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Hang up the telephone

‣ Patient check-in: Less calls and no more pet parents waiting on hold 

‣ Streamline communication, without extra apps, phone lines, and cost

‣ No app to download, no software to install, for you or the pet parent

‣ TeleVet Flow™ can be accessed now on any device with a standard web browser

Stop the running around

‣ Go paperless. No more shuffling forms and clipboards to the parking lot

‣ Forms can be shared and completed electronically prior to the patient’s visit

‣ Effortlessly create custom forms, replacing 3rd-party form-builder apps

Make up for lost time

‣ Improved workflow efficiency means more time to focus on providing care

‣ On average, conduct 8 more appointments each day with time saved

‣ Boost clinic revenue by being able to see and treat more patients

Value your time

‣ Never have to collect credit card numbers over the phone again.

‣ Send invoices and collect payment with a single click, without ever leaving the conversation.

Contactless without less contact

‣ Stay in touch with your customers even when they can’t come inside

‣ Enhance pet parent experience by providing transparency into the exam room

‣ Communicate patient updates throughout the appointment via voice, video, or chat

Work with your current flow

‣ Implement a workflow that runs smoothly, even in bumpy times

‣ Keep your team in the loop with consultation updates synched from your Practice Management System (PIMS)

‣ Change appointment status, collaborate, and hand-off to teammates throughout your client’s visit

‣ Customize and build your own workflows for different appointment types

Keep it professional

‣ Get more done with everything needed for running smooth curbside appointments in one place

‣ Track and access all records, notes, forms, and payments in one place with a single-page activity log tied to the conversation

‣ TeleVet Flow™ can be learned and ready to use the same day!

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See TeleVet Flow™ in action

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Cheryl Brocki, DVMVet’s Best Friend

“TeleVet’s a simple platform that allows my team to partake in the process, efficiently move through a consult, and give the pet owner the best experience.”

VCPR compliance for every state

Our committment

We work in partnership with veterinarians, practice managers, and medical directors as your clinic’s telemedicine solution. Televet is VCPR compliant and current with the latest regulations for all 50 states, providing both you and your clients safety and peace of mind.

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