How much can your veterinary clinic save by switching to TeleVet?

Your clinic

# of DVMs/Veterinarians
Payment Processing

Use TeleVet Flow technology to lower the merchant processing fees you pay

Without Flexpay

Your savings

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Total appointments per year

The average veterinarian sees about 480 appointments / month


Estimated annual revenue

The average veterinary appointment in 2021 costs $125


Merchant processing fees

Based on a 3% card-not-present transaction fee


Team stress

Too high

Save time and money with TeleVet Flow

Hours saved through increased efficiency

Save 30 mins each appointment through simplifying your workflow and reducing needless phone calls


Processing fee savings

TeleVet Flow can save you up to 1% per transaction without Flexpay and up to 3% savings per transaction with Flexpay


Convenient Payment Solutions Designed for Veterinary Clinics

The Best in Payment Solutions for Clients and Clinics

Collect payments quickly and easily with our full payment processing solution your team and clients will love. Save time and thousands of dollars each year in fees, with no processing volume minimums. No portals, logins or apps required.

Convenient payments, no contracts

Give your customers the payment options they’re used to without the PCI compliance fees or monthly hardware fees for your clinic. 

No-minimum, Flat-Rate Merchant Processing Fees

Other payment processors have complicated statements with ever-changing rates. With TeleVet Payments, get one simple flat-rate and create predictable revenue for your team.

Adjustable Fees with Flexpay

Our platform lets veterinarians adjust their service fees per appointment, giving you the option to adjust the fees your clinic pays depending on the consultation.

Streamlined Workflows for Any Payment Type

Accept any payment type including card swipe, chip card, tap-to-pay, text/chat to pay, Google pay, Apple pay and more. Easily sync all data with your practice management software.

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