Success Stories

Success Story: How Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Started Getting Paid for Emails and Texts Using TeleVet

“It has been a tremendous benefit to us to be able to receive payment for our work while simultaneously regaining that time that we were so used to losing every day,” Dr. Jones said.

Success Story: How Holly Springs Veterinary Hospital Tamed Their Inbox and Decreased Call Traffic with TeleVet

Using TeleVet resulted in a tremendous benefit that Dr. Bernhard and his staff were not expecting – a significant reduction in call traffic and increase in staff time savings.

Success Story: How Lien Animal Clinic Used TeleVet to Generate $11,520 in Just Five Days with TeleVet

Adding TeleVet when they did allowed Lien Animal Clinic a two-fold benefit of 1. Increasing clinic revenue, and 2. Strengthening relationships with pet owners.