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RACE-approved webinar: Curbside best practices

In March and April, we started adapting our normal routines to COVID‑19 and closed doors. After 252+ days of curbside service, how have teams adapted to increase efficiency and improve the client experience?


‣ Smooth curbside workflows

‣ Creating client transparency— virtually

‣ Addressing common workflow bottlenecks

‣ Reducing admin time and maximizing patient care

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Clinic Success Stories

From our community of veterinarians using TeleVet to deliver significant results

Success Story: How Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Started Getting Paid for Emails and Texts Using TeleVet

“It has been a tremendous benefit to us to be able to receive payment for our work while simultaneously regaining that time that we were so used to losing every day,” Dr. Jones said.

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Success Story: How Holly Springs Veterinary Hospital Tamed Their Inbox and Decreased Call Traffic with TeleVet

Using TeleVet resulted in a tremendous benefit that Dr. Bernhard and his staff were not expecting – a significant reduction in call traffic and increase in staff time savings.

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Success Story: How Lien Animal Clinic Used TeleVet to Generate $11,520 in Just Five Days with TeleVet

Adding TeleVet when they did allowed Lien Animal Clinic a two-fold benefit of 1. Increasing clinic revenue, and 2. Strengthening relationships with pet owners.

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Veterinary Telemedicine 2021: How to Future-Proof Your Clinic

Become a digitally-connected clinic overnight with our platform designed to make your vet consultations run smoothly, wherever your patient may be.

Schedule a call with our team today to see how our platform can streamline your clinic’s unique workflow.

Andrea Dunnings, DVMPractice Owner / East Atlanta Animal Clinic

“I have always loved the ease of use and adaptability of the TeleVet platform. The new applications are even more exciting!”

Duffy Jones, DVMPractice Owner / Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

“We have been very happy with TeleVet and our clients have really embraced the technology. The platform is user-friendly and helps you keep a good detailed record of the visit.”

Heather Brookshire, DVMPractice Owner / Animal Vision Center of Virginia

“TeleVet has been an exceptionally useful platform that allows me to have a quick consultation with both my current clients and local and regional general veterinary practitioners.”

TeleVet in the news

TeleVet Provides Boost To Veterinary Telemedicine With $5M Series A

11 June 2020
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Vets Are Using Telemedicine to Help Care for Your Pets (and Keep You Safe, Too)

9 April 2020
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