The only all-in-one veterinary communication platform

Keep your workday flowing smoothly, reducing your stress and freeing up time, so you and your team can stay focused on doing the work you love.

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Efficiency-boosting features for busy veterinary professionals.

  • Control your flow

    Customize unique workflows for different appointment types

  • All-in-one

    Video, image, chat, and notes all within one client conversation

  • 1-click forms

    Send and receive customized forms

  • 1-click payments

    Send invoices and receive payments

  • Smooth scheduling

    Integrated with your Practice Management System

  • Virtual exam room

    5-star client experience with on-demand video consults

Communicate through veterinary software, how you want, when you want, from anywhere

‣ Clients can check-in by themselves, directly notifying you when they arrive

‣ Respond to messages and notifications on your schedule, coordinating multiple conversations simultaneously

‣ Ability to communicate through video, image, text, or phone call with 1-click

Ease team workload with a collaborative practice management solution

‣ Create your own workflow that fits your clinic’s needs

‣ Know exactly where each client is in your workflow so you can better communicate with them and your team

‣ Add in team members and assign them to conversations

Fulfill pet parent requests without picking up the phone

‣ Connect with pet parents through a self-service client menu on your website to provide customer convenience, and less work for you

‣ Front desk staff no longer needs to be tied to the phone

Pet parents no longer left waiting on hold

‣ Easily turn each request into a chat-based conversation

‣ Gain the ability to handle multiple requests simultaneously

Enhance client experience and reduce front desk phone calls up to 70%

Free up time for patient care by automating your clinic’s most common requests

‣ Each client request sends a notification to your TeleVet Flow™ dashboard to give you all the details you need

‣ Automatically route and assign conversations to the appropriate team member

Receive in-app, text, and email notifications to the number or inbox of your choice

Set statuses to easily keep track of each request

Stay connected with your practice management system

‣ Your appointments, client requests, and patient data all sync with your existing practice management system to easily keep track of your schedule and conversations

‣ Lookup current clients in real-time by matching with your PIMS data from AVImark, eVetPractice, ezyVet, Impromed, IDEXX Cornerstone, IDEXX Neo and more

‣ Once your client is identified, that client’s information from your PIMS will be automatically displayed

Send documents, book appointments, create virtual consultations, or take payments all from your TeleVet Flow™ dashboard

Keep it simple with everything in one place

‣ No app to download, no account to set up, can be accessed from any device with an internet browser

‣ Clients receive a secure link via text and email that takes them to a private conversation page to manage their appointment 

‣ Manage the entire appointment workflow in one place including scheduling, forms, check-in, communication, payment, and more!

The easiest to use, most secure and reliable veterinary workflow software

No app to download, no software to install, for you or the pet parent. Accessible now on any device with a standard web browser. TeleVet Flow™ can be learned and ready to use the same day you sign up!

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Cheryl Brocki, DVMVet’s Best Friend

“TeleVet’s a simple platform that allows my team to partake in the process, efficiently move through a consult, and give the pet owner the best experience.”

Duffy Jones, DVMPractice Owner / Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

“We have been very happy with TeleVet and our clients have really embraced the technology. The platform is user-friendly and helps you keep a good detailed record of the visit.”

Kasey WittGreenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort

“Any opportunity to broaden our pet parents' capability in providing their pets with consistent, quality care, particularly under circumstances where it would otherwise be unsafe or impossible, is an absolute win in my book.”

Andrea Dunnings, DVMPractice Owner / East Atlanta Animal Clinic

“I have always loved the ease of use and adaptability of the TeleVet platform. The new applications are even more exciting!”

Heather Brookshire, DVMPractice Owner / Animal Vision Center of Virginia

“TeleVet has been an exceptionally useful platform that allows me to have a quick consultation with both my current clients and local and regional general veterinary practitioners.”

Tom Wootton, DVMLien Animal Clinic

“Very streamlined and efficient for vets. Has been hugely effective in providing care throughout the pandemic and I expect it will be a staple in our practice moving forward due to owner demand!”

VCPR compliance for every state

Our committment

We work in partnership with veterinarians, practice managers, and medical directors as your clinic’s workflow solution. TeleVet is VCPR compliant and current with the latest regulations for all 50 states, providing both you and your clients safety and peace of mind.

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