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Fewer phone calls, less time on hold, more client satisfaction.

✓ Receive all your incoming requests for appointments, medical records, curbside consults, telemedicine consults, and more all in one place

✓ Add TeleVet Connect™ to your website and reduce the number of clients waiting on hold

✓ Requests, messages, and notes all conveniently located in a single conversation thread

✓ Send and receive unlimited messages at no extra cost

Add TeleVet Connect to your website

Put down the phone and automate requests

‣ Front desk staff no longer needs to be tied to the phone

Pet parents no longer left waiting on hold

‣ Easily turn each request into a chat-based conversation

‣ Gain the ability to handle multiple requests simultaneously

Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting

‣ Each client request is automatically pulled in from your practice management system to give you all the details you need

‣ Automatically route and assign conversations to the appropriate team member

Receive in-app and email notifications to the inbox of your choice

Set statuses to easily keep track of each request

Stay connected with your practice management system

Pet parent requests sync with your existing PIMS and TeleVet Flow™ dashboard

‣ Lookup current clients in real-time by matching with your PIMS data

‣ Once your client is identified, that client’s information from your PIMS will be automatically displayed

Send documents, book appointments, create virtual consultations, or take payments all from your TeleVet Flow™ dashboard

Communicate a consistent brand message

Customize the on-site menu with your clinic’s colors and a personalized welcome message

The unobtrusive menu collapses into the corner of your site, allowing clients to easily find the services they need

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Andrea Dunnings, DVMPractice Owner / East Atlanta Animal Clinic

“I have always loved the ease of use and adaptability of the TeleVet platform. The new applications are even more exciting!”

VCPR compliance for every state

Our committment

We work in partnership with veterinarians, practice managers, and medical directors as your clinic’s telemedicine solution. Televet is VCPR compliant and current with the latest regulations for all 50 states, providing both you and your clients safety and peace of mind.

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