How much could you save each year by reducing your payment processing fees?

The average veterinary practice pays more in credit card processing fees than the average veterinarian salary. Use our handy calculator to find out just how much money can be saved each year by reducing your clinic’s processing fee burden.

The average monthly revenue for veterinary clinics is $83,000 per each full-time veterinarian on staff.If you know your exact monthly revenue per veterinarian, you may enter it here
How many veterinarians work in your clinic or animal hospital?Either full-time or full time equivalent (FTE)
What is your current processing fee rate?The industry average is 3.5% for card-not-present transactions and 2.5% for card-present transactions
What percent would you like to pay?Select the percentage you would like your new lower rate to be
$29,880Amount you could be saving each year by processing payments through TeleVet Flow™
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