TeleVet for Pet Owners

Does your veterinarian already use TeleVet?

Schedule a consultation and connect directly with your veterinarian through your mobile device wherever you are!

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Getting started with veterinary telemedicine

Follow the steps below to get ready for your first virtual vet appointment.

1. Open the app

Download “TeleVet Virtual Vet” in your app store or head directly to

2. Register your pet

Open the app and follow the steps to add your contact info, set up your pet’s profile and select your vet clinic.

3. Request an appointment

When your pets needs care, submit a consultation request or schedule a virtual follow-up appointment with your vet.

Safe and compliant for the health of your pet.

Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

TeleVet works in partnership with your local clinic as their veterinary telemedicine service. Please note that if your pet has not been seen in the last year, due to certain State laws, you may need to bring them in-person prior to doing a telemedicine consultation.

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Kasey WittGreenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort

“Any opportunity to broaden our pet parents' capability in providing their pets with consistent, quality care, particularly under circumstances where it would otherwise be unsafe or impossible, is an absolute win in my book.”

Telemedicine for pets.

Get care from your vet, curbside or couch-side.

TeleVet helps clinics practice telemedicine safely and efficiently so your pet can stay happy and healthy from anywhere.

If a favorite veterinarian near you doesn’t currently provide a telemedicine for pets option, complete the form and we will reach out to the clinic on your behalf!


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