Introducing Flow by TeleVet

Introducing Flow by TeleVet

Simplified veterinary telemedicine

Simplified veterinary telemedicine

Flow — the client communication and workflow management solution from TeleVet — facilitates telemedicine appointments with:

  • VCPR-compliant virtual vet visits.
  • The ability to send and collect payments via text.
  • Digital forms you can send and collect through text and email. 

Upgrade your veterinary clinic’s telemedicine experience with TeleVet Flow, the all-in-one solution designed to enhance communication, streamline processes, and ensure VCPR compliance for virtual vet visits. TeleVet Flow is not only user-friendly but also fully integrated with your existing Practice Management Software.

TeleVet Flow allows you to conduct virtual consultations through various modes of communication, such as shared video, images, phone calls, or text, while keeping all your notes tied to the conversation and synced with your patient files. With no app to download or software to install, both you and your clients can access TeleVet Flow on any device with a standard web browser. The platform is designed to be so intuitive that you’ll be a master user in no time, and it’s just as easy for pet parents.

Ready to simplify your veterinary telemedicine?
Discover the convenience and efficiency of TeleVet Flow for your clinic. Schedule a personalized demo today and see how our platform can revolutionize your telemedicine experience.

Vet Management Software Flow on Laptop and Phone

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Provide great care — and love every minute of it

Provide great care — and love every minute of it

  • Lets clients schedule appointments via text.
  • Gives your clinic the ability to send and collect digital forms.
  • Automatically sends pre- and post-appointment instructions, appointment reminders and confirmations, satisfaction surveys, and more.
  • Integrates with many popular practice management systems.
  • And seamlessly collects payments.
Before Appointment
  • Scheduling

  • Reminders & Confirmations

  • Digital Forms

  • Deposits

  • Pre-appointment Instructions

During Appointment
  • Workflow Management
  • Automated Check-in
  • Text, Phone, and Video Client
  • Communication
  • Team Chat
After Appointment
  • Fully Integrated Payments
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Follow-up Care & Telemedicine
  • Self-service Client Portal
  • Post-appointment Instructions

With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way

With TeleVet, you don’t just get access to powerful technology. You also have the support of dedicated people ensuring your success.

  • Personalized implementation
  • Dedicated Customer Success Rep
  • On-demand product support

“The process of setting up the Televet service was seamless — appointments were scheduled in advance, goals were clearly set out, and the whole team made sure we felt comfortable at every stage to be sure we were successful and ready to go at full steam!”

Nicole Driver, DVM
Rockfish Valley Veterinary Clinic


Own the conversation with TeleVet Flow

TeleVet Flow™ is telemedicine
that works for you.

  • VCPR-compliant virtual vet visits
  • Easily send invoices and receive payment
  • Fully integrated with your Practice Management Software
  • The easiest to use, most secure and reliable platform

Go beyond video chat

  • Zoom or facetime aren’t telemedicine.
  • Conduct virtual consultations through shared video, images, phone call, or text.
  • Keep the consult open and benefit from asynchronous communication.
  • Close the consult and keep all your notes tied to the conversation and synched with your patient file.

Keep it simple

  • No app to download, no software to install, for you or the pet parent.
  • TeleVet Flow™ can be accessed now on any device with a standard web browser.
  • Designed to be so simple and intuitive, that you’ll be a master by the second time you use it.
  • For pet parents it’s even easier – if they can text they can Flow™.

Talk to us today to see how
we can make your workday easier.

Value your time

  • Never have to collect credit card numbers over the phone again.
  • Send invoices and collect payment with a single click, without ever leaving the conversation.

Seek solutions, not software

  • Implementing telemedicine should add convenience for you and the pet parent, without additional hassle.
  • Use a solution that works with the technology you already have.
  • Full integration into your current Practice Management Software (PIMS).
  • TeleVet Flow™ can be learned and ready to use the same day you sign up!

VCPR compliance for every state

We work in partnership with veterinarians, practice managers, and medical directors as your clinic’s workflow solution. TeleVet is VCPR compliant and current with the latest regulations for all 50 states, providing both you and your clients safety and peace of mind. Learn more

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