Frequently asked questions

  • What is TeleVet?

    TeleVet is an online platform that connects veterinary clinics to their existing clients to help diagnose and treat pets outside the clinic walls. By using our service, you can provide greater convenience to your clients without sacrificing the quality of care provided.

  • How long does it take to set up?

    Getting started takes just 3 simple steps and takes as little as 5 minutes to get you and your team’s accounts fully set up. We also have a support page with How-To articles, training videos, and a direct chat line to our support team.

  • What about VCPR?

    TeleVet embraces the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship unlike most other remote care systems. Our goal is to make the relationship between veterinarians and their clients even stronger, by providing a responsible platform for virtual care. This not only enables veterinarians to maintain contact and exposure to their current customers, but also provides them with a safe and legal way to do so.

  • Can I establish VCPR via Televet?

    Each state has a different definition of VCPR in their Practice Act (some don’t define VCPR at all). Most states require VCPR to be established in-person, although many states are updating regulations as telemedicine becomes more common. Refer to your state’s Practice Act for specific legal regulations regarding establishing VCPR and any other telemedicine restrictions that might be in place.

  • Have regulations for veterinary telemedicine changed due to COVID-19?

    States have had varied responses to changing regulations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some states have eased the restrictions on the use of telemedicine or the in-person requirements to establish VCPR, but most states still require VCPR to be established in-person and some Covid-19 changes are only in effect during this pandemic. Refer to your state’s Practice Act for any updates and always use sound professional judgment to determine if telemedicine is medically appropriate for each patient.

  • Where is TeleVet available?

    Televet is available in the US to pet parents and licensed veterinary medicine practitioners in accordance with Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) regulations of their respective states

  • How long does it take for an appointment made in Flow to appear in my PIMS?

    Depending on your PIMS, syncing will occur within 5 minutes.

  • How many staff members can be assigned to any one conversation?

    There is no limit to the number of staff members that can be assigned to a conversation.

  • What are the different conversation statuses

    The primary statuses are Active, Closed and Archived. You can add any number of sub-statuses to each section.

  • When is it best to use each conversation status?

      • Active statuses should be used when there is an in progress conversation or upcoming / in progress appointment with the client. 
      • Closed statuses should be used when the appointment is completed but you need the client to send you follow up information.
      •  Archived statuses will remove the ability for clients to send you follow up messages in TeleVet Flow, so this status type should be used when you no longer want to receive messages from a client.
  • Once an invoice is sent, how long before I see it is reflected in the clinic’s bank account?

    Payouts are made weekly on Mondays which will include all the revenue earned the previous week.

  • Is there a way to process a refund to a client?

    If a refund for a pet parent is needed, this can be processed by the clinic submitting a support ticket to Please note if the pet parent marks the charge as fraud with their bank, there is a $20 dispute charge that will be added for processing this.

  • How will I get notified that a client has sent a message, joined a phone or video call?

    • You will receive a notification via email by default when a client sends a message. You can add the ability to receive a notification via text when a client sends a message by checking the box for ‘Client sends a message’ in the text section on Settings > Notifications. You will also see an unread message with a red indicator on the conversations icon for any new messages.
    • Since you can call a client directly from Flow, there are no related notifications for phone calls.