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VCPR-compliant curbside and virtual visits

As we all adapt to clinic closures and increased appointment demand, TeleVet is helping thousands of veterinarians keep their practice running smoothly while their staff and patients remain safe. Ready to get started?
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Offer Curbside or Remote Consultations at Your Clinic During COVID-19.

TeleVet is currently helping hundreds of clinics keep their patients safe and their staff at-ease through modern telemedicine tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TeleVet?

    TeleVet is an online platform that connects veterinary clinics to their existing clients via our web and mobile apps to help diagnose and treat pets outside the clinic walls. By using our service, you can provide greater convenience to your clients without sacrificing the quality of care provided.

  • How does it work?

    TeleVet was designed to streamline clinic management and communication. We believe that less apps = less stress, plus a happier team. 

    With TeleVet Flow, you can manage your clinic and curbside appointments, collect payments, send client alerts and pre-filled forms in real-time. 

    With TeleVet Connect, you turn your website into a self-service client menu for appointment scheduling and prescription refills, all while reducing your call volume by 70%. 

    All of these features and benefits are wrapped into one intuitive dashboard to help put you and your team back in control of client communication.

    On the client-side, there is no need to download a pet or vet app to carry out a telemedicine consultation. All communication is done within the browser to ensure an efficient online vet experience.

  • Will this integrate with our clinic’s PIMS?

    TeleVet seamlessly integrates with most leading PIMS currently used by Veterinarians. Because of this, we are the most-trusted communication platform by veterinarians. Currently, our platform fully integrates with the following software:




    Embrace Pet Insurance



    Hippo Manager

    Idexx Cornerstone

    Idexx Neo

    Impro Med


    Rx works

    String Soft

    2i Innovative Software

  • How much is TeleVet?

    A TeleVet subscription, which includes TeleVet Flow and TeleVet Connect, is $149 per month (transaction fee is 2.99% + $0.30 per transaction). There are no annual contracts and we only require a 30-day notice prior to cancellation.

  • How long does it take to integrate TeleVet with my clinical practice?

    Your clinic onboarding session takes around 45 minutes. Once you are ready to sign up, we will connect you with your Clinic Success Manager who will integrate TeleVet with your PIMS, help set up custom client forms and answer any questions from you or your team.

    After that you are ready to start practicing telemedicine and manage your curbside or clinic appointments through TeleVet.

  • Has the pandemic changed VCPR telemedicine compliance?

    Covid-19 responses have varied by state. Some states have eased the restrictions on the use of telemedicine or the in-person requirements to establish VCPR, but most states still require VCPR to be established in-person and some Covid-19 changes are only in effect during this pandemic. To be sure, refer to your state’s Practice Act for updates and always use sound professional judgment to determine if telemedicine is medically appropriate for each patient.


    Our other solutions TeleVet Flow and TeleVet Connect are within VCPR compliance as you will be seeing the pet in person. Once you establish VCPR with a pet patient, you can use our telemedicine feature wherever you see fit.