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If you’re reading this, you have probably heard of us but are still trying to understand what exactly we do, and how we help you. We know you’re pressed for time, so allow us to answer this now as short as possible: We make client communication and workflow software, created to make your workdays flow smoother. Our TeleVet Flow™ platform enables smooth management of all your veterinary appointments, client communication, payment processing, and much more.

We make workflow software created to make your workdays flow smoother

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TeleVet is created to reduce work stress for every member on the veterinary teamTeleVet is created to reduce work stress for every member on the veterinary team
TeleVet is created to reduce work stress for every member on the veterinary team

Who takes care of you?

Working in a veterinary clinic is a high-demand, fast-paced, caretaker profession. All roles inside the clinic whether it be veterinarian, veterinary tech, practice manager, practice owner, customer service rep, or otherwise, ultimately exist to treat and take care of a variety of animals. “But, who takes care of the caretakers?” Seeking the answer to this question was a catalyst for creating TeleVet, and continues to serve as the why behind all we do.

In 2015, TeleVet was founded from a desire to let veterinarians easily communicate with pet parents. After working directly with veterinary teams, understanding their problems and learning their needs, it didn’t take long for us to adjust our mission to what stands today: Improve the quality of life for veterinarians and pet parents through modern, stress-free solutions.

Fast forward a few years and a pandemic later, our company now serves over 6,000 veterinarians, but the stresses veterinarians face have dramatically increased. Pressures including student debt, decreasing job satisfaction, and poor work-life balance are the backdrop of the profession. Cognizant of these issues, we consistently seek feedback from veterinary clinics to create innovative and user-friendly software to grow the practice, provide greater flexibility, and make work more enjoyable for the entire veterinary team.


What are we doing to help you?

We build easy-to-use software that saves your time, simplifies your communication, and supercharges your productivity. Our TeleVet Flow™ platform simplifies 3 primary parts of your daily communication workflow: Appointments, Examinations, and Payments



  • Chat with client before, during, or after appointment, via 1-click phone, text, or video conference from anywhere without needing to download an app
  • Send and receive text messages regarding pet examination directly from TeleVet Flow
  • Send and receive standard or customized forms including patient intake forms, patient history forms, specialty appointment forms, and much more
  • Collect digital signatures on any form, avoiding expensive signature software and clunky workflows to obtain client signatures
  • Send and receive pet photos/videos/files for diagnoses or reporting
  • Include multiple team members or pet parents within conversations and 1-click video conferences
  • Download completed forms and conversations as user-friendly PDF documents
  • Sync conversation records and forms with your Practice Management System, automatically and on-demand


  • Send digital invoices with a 1-click payment option without needing to download an app or login to an account
  • Receive payments digitally from mobile devices without staff spending valuable time on the phone getting credit card numbers
  • Get the lowest merchant processing fees in the market for digital contactless payments
  • Explore flexible merchant processing fee options to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on fees


Why TeleVet?

The only all-in-one veterinary client communication platform. We have a 5-star rating and are trusted nationwide as the communication platform of choice by over 6,000 veterinarians. 

  • Product: Manage the entire appointment workflow in one place. Unlimited text, voice, and video communication. Eliminate bottlenecks and delight your clients. No app or software to download, can be accessed from any device with an internet browser.
  • On-boarding: Receive guidance on how to best use the product for your needs from an actual human. TeleVet Flow™ is so easy to learn, it can be used by you and your clients the same day you set it up!
  • Integration: We integrate with most top practice management systems (PIMS) so you can rest easy that all your patient files stay up-to-date without you having to do any extra work.
  • Service: When you sign up for a TeleVet subscription, you receive the support of a named Clinic Success Manager that will be with you every step of the way, helping you get the most out of the platform for your practice.
  • Support: Need help? Talk to a live person, we’re here when you need us. Our Customer Service Team typically responds in under 1-minute during normal business hours.


What are the benefits for you?

Make your life easier by streamlining all your workflows, from beginning to end.

Veterinarians and clinic staff love TeleVet for three primary reasons: Saving time, making money, and keeping it simple.

Save Time

On average, clinics have been able to save over 1,400 hours annually (that’s thirty-five 40-hour work weeks!) by streamlining their workflows, automating communication, and providing self-service features for clients, all through TeleVet.

Make Money

Clinics have been able to generate additional revenue two ways by using TeleVet: 

  • Cutting costs on unnecessary purchases such as additional phone lines, redundant software applications, and high merchant processing fees.
  • Generating additional revenue by capturing payment for services like appointment follow-ups and virtual consultations that were previously serviced without compensation.

Keep it Simple

Easy to use, for both your team and your clients. TeleVet keeps your entire team moving efficiently, reducing your stress and freeing up time, so you and your team can stay focused on doing the work you love.


Ready to see how TeleVet works for you?

If you’re ready to save time, simplify communication, and supercharge your productivity, call (512) 858-6788 or click here for more information!


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