Veterinary Telemedicine 2021: How to Future-Proof Your Connected Care Practice

As an unprecedented year of industry changes draws to a close, your friends at TeleVet have put together a veterinary telemedicine whitepaper to help guide you towards a more fluid and efficient 2021. The growth that numerous veterinary clinics experienced on the client acquisition side in 2020 has in many ways been overshadowed by an increase in staff hours worked, overall team stress, incredibly high call traffic, pet parent frustration, and technology issues.

This whitepaper will not only help to inform you of the potential solutions to these issues, but it will also give you tangible advice on how you can implement easy-to-use technology-based solutions to prepare your clinic for whatever 2021 has in store.

Here is a brief synopsis of what is covered in this document:

State of the Veterinary Industry

  • How time wasting, decreased revenue, stressed staff, and loss of connection are directly affecting veterinarians and their staff.

The New Connected Care Model

  • How and when to use technology-based solutions to maintain your connection with pets and pet parents. 

Future-Proofing Your Clinic

  • How the integration of telemedicine in your existing clinic workflow can set you up for current and future success.

A True Win-Win-Win Scenario 

  • How clinics can enhance the patient experience while simultaneously maximizing DVM time and generating real revenue.

Becoming a Connected Care Clinic

  • How to implement immediate clinic workflow improvements using veterinary telemedicine.

Download our latest whitepaper today and learn how to implement technology-based workflow solutions as a digitally connected practice now and into 2021.

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