Top 5 Benefits of Simplifying Veterinary Clinic Payments

In our last blog, we discussed how expensive veterinary payment processing fees can be. In most cases, processing fees exceed veterinarian salary. See that data here and calculate your own fee expenditure here.


For many veterinary clinics, taking and processing payments is more complicated than it needs to be. Veterinary clinics are spending a lot of precious time and resources processing payments and closing out appointments that should instead be going toward patient care.

5 Benefits of Simple Veterinary Payment Processing

Simplifying payment processing is a game-changer for veterinary clinics that want to spend more time on their patients in several ways:

1. Increased efficiency

Collecting payment for a standard veterinary visit looks something like this:

The veterinarian ends the call with the client. The pet is then returned to the client with an invoice for services rendered. Finally, payment is collected, the invoice is closed out in the practice management software, and the receipt is emailed to the client.

This is a lot of time and energy spent on a seemingly simple task: Collecting payment. Veterinary clinic payments can be streamlined to increase overall efficiency, which will save you and your clients time.

Simple payment processing also saves your clinic money. Increased efficiency means more time the doctor can spend with their patients, the potential for more productive appointments, and reduced strain on the veterinary staff.

2. Fewer Apps

Most clinics use anywhere from 2 to 3 apps during veterinary payment processing. There are separate apps for creating an invoice and printing a receipt, sending an invoice, and collecting payment.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could chat with your client, send an invoice, collect a payment, and submit a receipt all in one app? We thought so too, so that’s what we did!

With TeleVet Flow, you increase your efficiency by reducing the number of apps you use.

This means your clinic will see significant savings by utilizing one service as opposed to three. This means less setup, maintenance, and monthly fees!

3. Increased Client Satisfaction

Increased efficiency and fewer apps also mean a better client experience. The process of simply paying your bill as a client can be confusing with so many steps. Your clients will love the streamlined experience of having everything in one convenient location.

Also, consider the improvement of communication. Clients will no longer call to confirm the doctor’s recommendations or ask for a copy of their receipt. This is because these are all easily accessible in their appointment conversation history.

These improvements mean clients will experience greater confidence in the care provided by your veterinary clinic. Streamlined processes and convivence are proven to increase client loyalty for your clinic.


4. Increased Staff Retention

A better client experience translates to better staff satisfaction and retention.

Over the past year, clinics were challenged with meeting increased appointment demand. As a result, clinics also saw an increase in client dissatisfaction and, unfortunately, mistreatment of their staff. This resulted in high turnover rates, which means more time and resources spent hiring and training new team members.

Hiring an employee for a veterinary clinic is not as easy as it once may have been. While the pandemic created a higher demand for services, it also created a higher demand for veterinary staff. However, there was a significant decline in the supply of labor, meaning there was a reduction in applicants.

By increasing client satisfaction, you can help avoid the nightmare that is staff turnover. If your clients are satisfied, they will have fewer complaints and treat your staff better. Your clinic will then be able to experience higher staff retention and satisfaction rates.


5. Decreased Veterinary Payment Processing Fees

Veterinary payment processing fees are a huge burden in the world of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Services such as those offered by Clover or Square mean higher processing fees. It can also be confusing to understand the various fees for these services.

Payment processing through TeleVet Flow is straightforward and easy to understand. Plus, most customers see their rates reduced when processing payments through TeleVet Flow. Not to mention, Televet is much easier to navigate for both clients and staff.


Click the image to try our handy fee calculator!


How to Set Up Simple Payment Processing

Now that you’ve seen the top 5 benefits of simple payment processing, all you need to do is chat with us about getting started. Don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of increased efficiency, fewer apps, greater client satisfaction, and reduced processing fees.

Schedule a walk-through for your clinic today to find out how to simplify your payments and reduce your veterinary payment processing fees with TeleVet.

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