TeleVet® Launches Clinic Connect to Streamline Vet Front-Office Operations

  • New communication platform facilitates appointment bookings, eliminates the need for office personnel to wait by the phones

  • Reduces call volume by up to 70%

  • 6,500 veterinarians nationwide now use leading virtual care experience platform

AUSTIN, Texas—September 10, 2020—TeleVet®, creators of the telemedicine application virtually connecting veterinary clinics to pet owners, has launched Clinic Connect, a new online veterinary solution to assist clinics operating in the age of COVID-19.

We strive to stay at the forefront of new medicine and are always adding new services to help keep our patients as happy and healthy as possible, and Clinic Connect furthers that goal.

Clinic Connect is a new platform that reduces appointment scheduling and communication burdens for veterinary clinics already overwhelmed by curbside transfers during the pandemic. Clinic Connect is the first product to offer a convenient interface for phone-free communications between clients and the veterinary staff who care for their beloved pets. The scalable system works as easily with 100 requests as with one, making it ideal for practices both large and small.

“We were the first to participate in the Clinic Connect pilot, and have seen a very positive response from both clients and staff,” said Dr. Jennifer Quammen of Community Pet Healthcare in Zionsville, Indiana. “We strive to stay at the forefront of new medicine and are always adding new services to help keep our patients as happy and healthy as possible, and Clinic Connect furthers that goal.”

“Clinic Connect enables us to progress one step further in fulfilling our mission to increase the quality of life for veterinarians and their teams,” said TeleVet Co-CEO Steven Carter. “The digital era should be a time of greater simplicity, not great stress. Vet clinics are already indicating that they’ve pared hours from administrative tasks, and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Current TeleVet customers automatically get Clinic Connect as part of their TeleVet subscription. To assist practices during COVID-19, TeleVet is making Clinic Connect free for a limited time for other clinics.

About TeleVet
TeleVet provides technology solutions to veterinary clinics that improve workflow efficiency and enable improved communication between staff and patients. The TeleVet app allows two-way communication between clients and veterinary staff, enabling telemedicine, appointment scheduling, digital prescriptions and much more. Now, veterinary clinics can provide a modern, mobile communications experience with their clients, saving them time and money as well as providing the latest in professional care. TeleVet integrates seamlessly into an existing office workflow in under one hour, with no setup fee and unlimited live support. Founded in 2015, TeleVet strengthens the relationship between veterinarians and their clients by embracing the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship.

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