How Your Vet Clinic Can Save 1,400 Hours This Year by Not Answering the Phone

Welcome to part 2 of our 3-part series on veterinary client requests. In this post, we breakdown how much time automating requests can save you and provide a worksheet to do the calculation yourself. In part 1 we discussed client expectations and your clinic potential, in part 3 we will discuss how the process of automating requests works.


Online scheduling has finally arrived and it’s so much better than the old way of merely requesting a time slot… The service has been shown to decrease appointment phone traffic by 60% and gives clients the immediacy and convenience they’ve come to expect… You can work with the team members that you have, improve service, and take the payroll savings to the bank.
– Bash Halow, BA, CVPM, LVT


Respond more, answer the phone less

Out of the most common incoming requests to veterinary clinics, 7 out of 10 can be fielded instantly through a self-service client tool without having to make a phone call. Put another way, this means you have the potential to instantly resolve 70% of your current phone call traffic through automated response, meaning 70% less clients left waiting on hold and 70% less time spent answering front desk phone calls for your team.

The most common incoming veterinary requests

Most Common Incoming Veterinary Requests 2021Most Common Incoming Veterinary Requests 2021

What would you do with 70% more of your time back?

As a veterinarian you could have more time to focus on patient care and improving patient outcomes. As a practice manager, you could provide more schedule flexibility, ensuring the staff takes lunch, leaves work on time, and even takes sufficient time off work. As a practice owner, you could increase the business bottom line by being able to produce more due to greater operational efficiency. As a pet parent, you could do literally anything else other than being stuck waiting on hold.

Worksheet: Your potential time savings

Save 1,400 hours per year, on average.Save 1,400 hours per year, on average.
Click image for printable worksheet!


What could you do with 1,400 more hours this year?

1000’s of veterinarians, front desk staff, vet techs, practice managers, and practice owners are already enjoying the time-saving benefits of TeleVet Flow. By providing instant response to pet parents’ most common requests on their website, veterinary clinics are saving dozens of hours each week, allowing vet teams to focus on the work they love most – caring for their patients.

TeleVet is loved by clinics like yoursTeleVet is loved by clinics like yours
Examples of self-service client menu on various veterinary clinic websites

To learn more about connecting with your clients, and all the ways TeleVet can make your workday easier, schedule your personalized demo today!

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