Pet Owners

How Your Vet Clinic Can Save 1,400 Hours This Year by Not Answering the Phone

March 25th, 2021

You have the potential to instantly resolve 70% of your current phone call traffic by providing a self-service client menu on your website.

Lance Olian

Give Your Veterinary Clients What They Want. Here’s How…

March 24th, 2021

In 2021, what pet parents want is convenience and quick response provided by technology.

Lance Olian

Taking Care of the Caretakers: TeleVet’s Mission Brings Relief to an Always-On World

October 30th, 2020

With veterinary teams working harder than ever before – due to a pandemic, increase in pet adoptions, and on-demand care expectations – what can veterinarians do to maintain pet parent trust and loyalty?

Steven Carter, CEO