Boost Team Efficiency and Revenue with Digital Service Reminders (Part 1 of 2)

This is part 1 of our 2-part series on Service Reminders and Automations where we discuss the importance of using Service Reminders along with Workflow Automations to create an efficient workday for your team and a modern clinic experience for your clients. You can read part 2 of our series here.

Ensuring Year-Round Care with Digital Service Reminders

Veterinarians know how useful service reminders can be for their clinic, and most are probably already using them in some capacity; Be it manually through your CSRs calling or emailing your clients, or automated through a 3rd party software. Unfortunately, these methods can be quite basic, time-consuming and not a complete solution for your team’s specific workflow.

The solution: An all-in-one platform that can not only send custom digital service reminders but also have an automatic team workflow that saves you time and enhances your customer experience. In part two of our series, we will cover how to automate your workflows, but first let’s jump in to service reminders.

Why do you need digital Service and Appointment Reminders?

For veterinary teams that are looking to save time and increase their productivity, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks is crucial. Luckily for us, advancements in veterinary technology can serve as a virtual assistant, freeing up dozens of hours each week to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

In addition to saving time, providing modern convenience features have been proven to enhance customer service, resulting in increased client satisfaction and loyalty for your clinic. Before we get into how the process works, let’s explore some additional benefits of automating responses for incoming requests.

✓ Avoid No-Shows
 A simple reminder can avoid a no-show and save your clinic revenue you lose otherwise. Assuming even 10% of your appointments will be a no-show, you can avoid that with a simple reminder and save your team the trouble. For almost any clinic, 10% of revenue is the difference between being profitable and not profitable.

✓ Increase Retention
Adding service reminders such as vaccine and wellness checks increase the frequency of each patient’s visit and provide a low-effort and low-cost way to increase your clinic’s revenue. No marketing or additional apps needed to drive these appointment types.

✓ Ensure Continuity of Care

At the end of the day, your patients are your primary concern. By setting up custom service and appointment reminders, you are ensuring that your patients are looked after year-round, without the extra legwork for your team.

A Perfect Match: Reminders and Workflows Automations

Now that you know where you can leverage reminders, let’s take them a step further! Head over to the second part of our Reminder series to see how you can turn these reminders into automatic workflows.

Implementing digital reminders at your clinic creates a more efficient workday for everyone on your team, in addition to a great customer experience for your clients and their pets.

To learn more about setting up custom service reminders at your practice with TeleVet Flow, click on the button below:

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