Your well-being comes first.

We’re on a mission to restore work-play balance for veterinarians and provide peace of mind for their clients.

What you can expect from us

We work in partnership with veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to create safe, innovative, and user-friendly technology solutions that grow the practice, provide greater flexibility, and enhance quality-of-life.

  • Empathy

    We understand how much you care about your patients. Our clinic success managers are here to take care of you, solving problems as soon as they arise and ensuring your success.

  • Excellence

    We believe excellence is not an act, but a habit. We are a team of continual learners and leaders, committed to building and improving tools that allow you to perform your best every day.

  • Expertise

    Each action we take is informed by a community of veterinarians, leveraging decades of experience. Our growth mindset means we ask for and implement feedback to provide the best product for you.

Our founders

Steven and Price founded TeleVet in 2015 with a mission focused on improving quality of life for the veterinarian. With this guiding principle, the pair have been able to help 1,000s of vets (and counting!) connect with pet parents, without veterinarians sacrificing their own livelihood.

As both the TeleVet community and platform continue to grow, new features and services will remain focused on solving the most pressing needs of veterinarians through modern solutions.

Meet the team

Our jobs are to make yours better. See the smiling faces that bring it all to life.

Executive Team

The leaders who build community and implement veterinarian feedback

Clinic success

The troubleshooters who attentively seek to remove obstacles


The builders who create the tools that service vet clinics and pet parents


The listeners who provide vet clinics with personalized recommendations


The communicators who help vet clinics reach pet parents and patients


The architects who design solutions to make your life easier

DVMs in residence

How do we understand what vets need? We ask them, constantly. Our current resident veterinarians continually add to our growing wealth of knowledge.

Jennifer Quammen, DVM, MPH, TeleVet Chief Veterinary Officer

Amy Garrou, DVM, DABVP, Board Certified in Canine/Feline Practice

Brittany Koether, DVM

TeleVet in the news

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11 June 2020
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Vets Are Using Telemedicine to Help Care for Your Pets (and Keep You Safe, Too)

9 April 2020
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