The most trusted solution in veterinary telemedicine.

Built with the veterinarian client-patient relationship in mind, seamlessly integrate into your current practice and effortlessly connect with pet owners.

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Less headaches. More play.

Created to improve veterinarian quality-of-life by restoring the balance between work and free-time, resulting in more energy to do what you do best: Healing animals.

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Provide remote care

Get pets back to health by safely conducting veterinary telemedicine consults and follow-ups with pet owners from anywhere.

Conserve your time

Manage your schedule, set appointments and track pet healing without giving away your personal time.

Generate more revenue

Your time and service is valuable. No more unpaid consults or follow-ups.

Dr. Tom Wootton, DVMLien Animal Clinic

“Very streamlined and efficient for vets. Has been hugely effective in providing care throughout the pandemic and I expect it will be a staple in our practice moving forward due to owner demand!”

Works well with others

The decision to implement TeleVet into your practice is easy with a friendly and dedicated clinic success team in your corner.

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  • Ease

    Integrate with your current PIMS and receive world-class onboarding support.

  • Accessibility

    Logical app design means even the least tech-savvy of us can use telemedicine for pets.

  • Responsiveness

    Have an issue? We’ll be here to solve it with you, quickly!

Telemedicine for pets.

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What if your veterinarian doesn’t have TeleVet?

TeleVet works in partnership with your local clinic as their veterinary telemedicine service. If your local clinic doesn’t have a telemedicine for pets option, let us know how we can help.

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